The NCBN is a thriving volunteer-based organization. We are proud of our past and excited about our future!

The Nigerian and Canadian Business Network (“NCBN”) was established when a few intrepid entrepreneurs decided to invite like-minded people to join them in the creation of a volunteer-based organization to facilitate networking for businesspeople in Canada and Nigeria. The original members came together to share their challenges and successes with the hopes of learning from and helping others around the table. This filled a significant void – the opportunities for people to discuss the challenges faced when starting or growing a business were few and far between.

By hearing other people’s stories, it also became evident that people have their own approach and that doing things differently is not a bad thing. Every NCBN meeting was about fostering networking, support and education.
The NCBN’s membership criteria have evolved gradually over time.

Today, a member is a person who embraces the vision statement of the NCBN and who;

dedicates his/her time and effort to an organization;
embraces opportunities for professional and personal growth;
gives back to his/her community and inspires growth and leadership in others; or
holds a decision-making position that impacts profitability, staff productivity, business development or customer/client care.